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MTN VTU Data Business is the most lucrative and profitable Telecom bizness to start, it is low capital intensive and is in high demand in the digital market for both young and old, and the usage of people consuming data is massive.


How Can I Start Selling Data At Cheap Rate For MTN, GLO, 9MOBILE AND AIRTEL in Nigeria?

Selling Data for browsing is a very common these days that anyone can start data business with their smartphone and little capital (minimum: ₦5,000) because you have to buy in bulk and resell to different network provider like MTN users and Glo.

But, have ever wonder how possible is this method of Data Distribution and how you can also start selling like them and own your own Airtime VTU portal (website) like Paga, Jumia one and many others like Smile Nigeria.

You can only start a Business when you get enough information about the business and a trainer.

What do I mean?

You can start selling your own data reselling business when you know where to buy data at extremely cheap rate and how to vend data to potential data buyers.

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